Strategic Research

Our core product that pulls together and explains current global macroeconomic markets. Our work provides actionable insight into the global economy. We heavily utilize graphics to illustrate concepts and, in some cases, show the direction of a trend. The MI2 Trader / Chart Point pieces are trade-focused complements to MI2 Reports written with a call to action based on current market activity. This piece seeks to take the macroeconomic framework and shed light on certain assets.

Japan Update

The Japan Update is our Japan-focused work that is published most days. Unlike other Japanese financial pieces, Jeff Uscher, the writer, uses Japanese language sources to discover subtleties in local news and markets. Jeff is uniquely positioned as a financial executive fluent in Japanese and global financial markets.

Thoughts From The Divide

In our Thoughts From The Divide newsletter, we give you the inside scoop on topics discussed in our morning calls. We provide insights into the intricate web woven from a history of mapping the macro maze. MI2’s Newsletter breaks away from the others by providing a data-driven view. We focus on contextualizing the news to inform and educate rather than persuade.

On one page, we eliminate the media’s overflow into concise, digestible content supported by charts. Our analysts contribute both off-the-beaten-path and mainstream sources to discuss a conceptual topic and challenge how you think about macro.

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